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Welcome To Seeta High School - Main Campus

Seeta High School-Main opened its gates to the world in 2000. In its thirteen years of existence it has made its mark in the education history of the country as a Towering Academic Giant.Located sixteen (16)Kms along the Kampala-Jinja highway, the school boasts of a serene environment very conducive for learning and is very accessible.It is a mixed day and Boarding Secondary School with Ordinary and Advanced Levels of education.

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  • In a bid to keep in touch with all students that ever set foot in Seeta High we established the alumni association and page where we can keep in touch as they are important stake holders in our school.

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  • Mr.Kafumbe Davis; A top Notch administrator
    HE is an intelligent, composed, and a strict man. He believes in excellence and has no room for lazy people. He seems to be living larger than the community's expectations and performing uniquely above the set targets. This is David Kafumbe, a man who has enabled students of Seeta High School, Mukono, excel; no matter their academic background.

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  • school DAY

    School day was concluded successfully on 30th June 2013. It was a colorful function with the theme "Special at 13" it was graced by many dignitaries, Old students and parents.

    New Student Leaders The school now has new student leaders under the leadership of Hon. Akugizibwe Ronald as the head prefect.

  • CO-CURRICULAR Activities

    June 22: MDD

    The recently concluded MDD saw four houses tussle for a bull and Muteesa emerged victorious followed by Ssuna, Chwa and Mwanga in that order

    Jun 23: Buzz -Miss Teeniez Awards

    Buzz in conjuction with the Crown Beverages company came to Seeta High School in the search for Miss Teeniez which saw most of the students excited

  • Upcoming Events

    End of term examinations

    Montday 5th August

    after a series of weekly tests, Mid term set in and now End of term examinations are on the way and will begin in the first week of August

    End of Term / Holidays

    Thursday 22nd August

    The term has been a long one indeed filled with many activities such as MDD, Sports day, our school day,many careers days but will end on 22nd August. We thank all parents for the tireless efforts and visiting of our students. This has kept their morale high. Please keep up the support.